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Product Code: L-742
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Supreme Fit All-in-One Briefs

Lille Fit Supreme All-in-one briefs offer an effective solution for managing moderate to severe incontinence. With a high level of absorbtion, the Lille Fit Supreme All-in-ones provide the user anti-leakage security and optimal comfort. They are particularly recommended for people with limited mobility or confined to bed.

- A double pad aquisition layer and super absorbent polymer maximise aborbency
Leakage - Hydrophobic leg cuffs prevent sideways leakage
Discretion - Durable non-rustle polythene backing limits awkward noise helping to preserve the users dignity
Wetness Indicator - The wetness indicator turns blue when in contact with urine indicating when to change the pad
Wetback - The aquisition layer improves absorbtion rate, greatly reducing the risk of leakage potential wetness
Odour Control - New generation super absorbent polmer maximises the absorbency and neutralises odours
Breathable - The new waterproof back sheet enables the air to flow to maximise skin integrity
Hypoallergenic - Dermotological tests prove this product to be hypoallergenic

Total Absorbency : 3400ml
Quantity: 3 x 20
This Product is Latex Free
Size: 80-120cm


Our Price £32.66
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