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Product Code: L-412
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Classic Form Shaped Pads

Lille  Form Classic products are manufactured to the highest possible standard and lead the market in quality and performance. The Lille Form Classic Range are an effective solution for moderate to severe incontinence. They offer high levels of absorbency and are soft and comfortable making the user not only feel drier but comfortable and secure as well. Worn with Fix Pants as part of a two piece system, pant and pad.

Discretion - Elasticated for a comfortable fit. Polythene backing limits awkward noise, helping to keep the pad discrete.
Absorbency - A double absorbent core and double pad aquisition layer ensures the quick absorbtion of fluid.
Wetness Indicator - The wetness indicator will turn blue when in contact with urine to indicate when to change the pad.
Odour Neutraliser - The pad contains super absorbent powder, maximising absorbency and odour neutralisation.
Leakage - Hydrophobic leg cuffs prevent sideways leakage.

Total Absorbency: 1750ml
Quantity: 4 x 28
This product is latex free


Our Price £23.22
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