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Product Code: L-517
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Supreme Form Shaped Pads

Supreme Form products are manufactured to the highest possible standards and lead the market in quality and performance.  Specially designed for moderate to severe incontinence problems. All products combine high levels of absorbency and protection, are soft and comfortable making the user not only feel drier but comfortable and secure.  Worn with Fix pants as part of a two piece system, pant and pad.

Discretion - Durable, non-rustle polythene backing, limits awkward noise helping to preserve the users dignity.
Absorbency - Have a special double pad acquisition layer - maximising absorbency where it is most needed.
Leakage - Have hydrophobic leg barriers and leg elastics ensuring total protection against leakage.
Wetness Indicator - The Wetness Indicator will blue when in contact with urine to indicate when to change the pad.
Odour Neutralisation - Contain super absorbent - maximising absorbency and odour neutralisation.
Breathable Backing - Waterproof back sheet enables the air to flow to maximise skin integrity.
Hypoallergenic - Dermatologically tested, proving the pads to be hypoallergenic.

Total Absorbency: 2920ml
Quantity: 1 x 20
Colour : Grey
This Product is Latex Free


Our Price £25.46
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