Harvest Cavalier Code: CAMHS350

Product Code: CAMHS350
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Product Detail:

Harvest Cavalier System

The Harvest Cavalier System is a replacement alternating air mattress for patients at HIGH/VERY HIGH risk of pressure sore development. They work on a proven alternating principle resulting in maximum patient comfort while achieving optimum pressure relief. It is a cost effective solution for hospitals, hospices, nursing and care home environments.

The Cavalier pump ios a mechanical pump.

Push pressure control functions
Visual low pressure indicator
Low running costs
Quiet operation
CPR facility
Single button control
Welded cover
Antibacterial coated
Audible mains failure control
Static mode

Category: High/Very High
Weight Limit: 30st / 189kg
Waterlow score: 25+
Size: 1980 x 890 x 200mm


Our Price £1360.45
Price Excluding (V.A.T.)