Clinisan Emollient Skin Cleansing Foam 12 x 200ml Code: CMSEF200

Product Code: CMSEF200
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Clinisan Skin Cleansing Range - Emollient Skin Cleansing Foam

Saving time, money and water is only the start. Clinisan product is a soap substitute with antiseptic and deodorising action. Mild and gentle pH balanced soap is ideal for repeated use where alkaline soaps can damage skin tissue.  Replaces traditional washing for sensitive skin areas with its mild soap, water repellent emollient and deodorant.

High levels of  emollients for the cleansing and protection of sore, sensitive, dry or damaged skin
Clinically proven to help maintain the integrity of healthy skin for long term, incontinent patients
Added moisturises
Protects the incontinent patient from re-wetting
Long acting deodorant
Quantity: 12 x 200ml

Our Price £16.54
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